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Home for the Holidays

I’ve had a mostly lovely holiday! I’ve especially enjoyed seeing my friends and the insanity of our gift-exchange! Christine got me Tom Stoppard’s Hapgood, which I’m reading and getting confused by already! Despite horrid delays from Amazon, everything for that set of friends arrived in time. However, several other goodies for Nade friends did not make it in time for the end of classes. Grr.

New Year’s Eve at the Sherbons’ was FANTASTIC. Christine and Donat brought a gingerbread house kit, which we decorated. Actually, most of the decorations were done by Donat and me, and a beautiful house it turned out to be. We did all but one side of the house and half the roof. We left the house at the Sherbies’ because we’re wicked.

The kit also came with two large gingerbread men. I came up with the brilliant plan to make one of them a good Paladin and the other one an Evil Blackguard. We gave the Paladin golden eyes, a gold-wrapped chocolate coin as a shield, and a peppermint stick spear topped with a pointy gumdrop. We planned to give the Blackguard red eyes and other evil accessories, but didn’t get around to it because we got distracted by Jessica’s shiny new Wii. I took these 2 home with me. I ate the undecorated Blackguard (I had to imagine the evil) while watching Ryan and Nicole in the Rose Parade, and intend to have the Paladin with some hot cocoa while watching The Plaisers with my mum after I finish this post.

The graphics on the Wii are beautiful (Jessica showed us “Twilight Princess”) and the controller quite cool, but I’m not much of a video gamer. However, I did play some bowling on it, and was pretty darn good at it. :)

Oh yeah, I’ve been a bit ill this break (hence it was “mostly lovely”) but I’m okay at the moment. I sprained my ankle on the first day of freedom, because I’m talented like that. And I had a bit of a stomach problem yesterday, possibly due to meds, fish, or a mild bug going around. Who knows. But it was pretty much the only unpleasent part of my vacation.

Now I’ve got the rest of my hw to finish before Monday. :( But I’m seeing my friends again tomorrow, and I think there’s TAMALES involved. WOOT!

Also, it is settled: My mum and I are going to New York in July! Squeee! Broadway! :D
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