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More than a Woman or a Man

It came! Downstairs there is a hot pink acting edition of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I'm writing a paper for Poole's class comparing Jeffrey Eugenides' novel Middlesex with Hedwig. It's about Plato's Symposium, the experience of "the immigrant", and assimilating a gender. Working title is "More than a Woman or a Man."

Which made me all warm and fuzzy nerd-happy that I get to write about Hedwig in a critical literary analysis and that Poole won't look down on musical theatre (a rock musical at that!) as an inferior form of writing.

But said acting edition is downstairs until the end of tonight, when I turn in TEH UC APP OF DOOM. The Cal State app was super easy and with no essay. So once I turn in that UC monster, all I have to worry about are the private schools: Pitzer, Scripps, and Occidental. Used to have Reed on that list too, but I'm worried about the distance + my health, so I dropped that. Redlands used to be an option, but it's just so small... the thing I like about the Claremonts is there's the small college community but all the resources together come to about that of a big school like a UC.

My very own Hedwig awaits me... I think I shall put it on my plays shelf between Noel Coward and Tom Stoppard. Seems fitting.
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