The Wild Party Canto 9

What this?! An update from UCSB? Shocking, isn't it. I just couldn't go a whole year without posting anything. Considering getting a new LJ and/or FList reorganization. But then again, I may just create it and ignore it for another 11 months.

The Wild Party Canto 9

Joseph Moncure March

Some love is fire: some love is rust:
But the fiercest, cleanest love is lust.
And their lust was tremendous. It had the feel
Of hammers clanging; and stone; and steel:
And torches of the savage, roaring kind
That rip through iron, and strike men blind:
Of long trains crashing through caverns under
Grey trembling streets, like angry thunder:
Of engines throbbing; and hoarse steam spouting;
And feet tramping; and great crowds shouting.
A lust so savage, they could have wrenched
The flesh from bone and not have blenched.
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John Donne

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This poem by Stephen Vincent Benét (1893-1943) was not written about global warming, but it may as well have been.

Metropolitan Nightmare

It rained a lot that spring. You woke in the morning
And saw the sky still clouded, the streets still wet,
But nobody noticed so much, except the taxis
And the people who parade. You don’t, in a city.
The parks got very green. All the trees were green
Far into July and August, heavy with leaf,
Heavy with leaf and the long roots boring and spreading,
But nobody noticed that but the city gardeners
And they don’t talk.
Oh, on Sundays, perhaps you’d notice:
Walking through certain blocks, by the shut, proud houses
With the windows boarded, the people gone away,
You’d suddenly see the queerest small shoots of green
Poking through cracks and crevices in the stone
And a bird-sown flower, red on a balcony,
But then you made jokes about grass growing in the streets
And gags and a musical show called ”Hot and Wet.”
It made a good box for the papers. When the flamingo
Flew into a meeting of the Board of Estimate,
The new mayor acted at once and called the photographers.
When the first green creeper crawled upon Brooklyn Bridge,
They thought it was ornamental. They let it stay.

That was the year the termites came to New York
And they don’t do well in cold climates– but listen, Joe,
They’re only ants, and ants are nothing but insects.
It was funny and yet rather wistful, in a way
(As Heywood Broun pointed out in the World-Telegram)
To think of them looking for wood in a steel city.
It made you feel about life. It was too divine.
There were funny pictures by all the smart, funny artists
And Macy’s ran a terribly clever ad:
“The Widow’s Termite” or something.
There was no
Disturbance. Even the Communists didn’t protest
And say they were Morgan hirelings. It was too hot,
Too hot to protest, too hot to get excited,
An even African heat, lush, fertile and steamy,
That soaked into bone and mind and never once broke.
The warm rain fell in fierce showers and ceased and fell.
Pretty soon you got used to its always being that way.

You got used to the changed rhythm, the altered beat,
To people walking slower, to the whole bright
Fierce pulse of the city slowing, to men in shorts,
To the new sun-helmets from Best’s and the cop’s white uniforms,
And the long noon-rest in the offices, everywhere.
It wasn’t a plan or anything. It just happened.
The fingers tapped slower, the office-boys
Dozed on their benches, the bookkeeper yawned at his desk.
The A.T.&T. was the first to change the shifts
And establish an official siesta-room;
But they were always efficient. Mostly it just
Happened like sleep itself, like a tropic sleep,
Till even the Thirties were deserted at noon
Except for a few tourists and one damp cop.
They ran boats to see the big lilies on the North River
But it was only the tourists who really noticed
The flocks of rose-and-green parrots and parakeets
Nesting in the stone crannies of the Cathedral.
The rest of us had forgotten when they first came.

There wasn’t any real change, it was just a heat spell,
A rain spell, a funny summer, a weather-man’s joke,
In spite of the geraniums three feet high
In the tin-can gardens of Hester and Desbrosses.
New York was New York. It couldn’t turn inside out.
When they got the news from Woods Hole about the Gulf Stream,
The Times ran a adequate story.
But nobody reads those stories but science-cranks.

Until, one day, a somnolent city-editor
Gave a new cub the termite yarn to break his teeth on.
The cub was just down from Vermont, so he took his time.
He was serious about it. He went around.
He read all about termites in the Public Library
And it made him sore when they fired him.
So, one evening,
Talking with an old watchman, beside the first
Raw girders of the new Planetopolis Building
(Ten thousand brine-cooled offices, each with shower)
He saw a dark line creeping across the rubble
And turned a flashlight on it.
“Say, buddy,” he said,
“You’d better look out for those ants. They eat wood, you know,
They’ll have your shack down in no time.”
The watchman spat.
“Oh, they’ve quit eating wood,” he said, in a casual voice,
“I thought everybody knew that.”
–And, reaching down,
He pried from the insect jaws the bright crumb of steel.
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Satan's Vomit

orange_fell just sent me a link back in time to the early 1960s, a time of hairspray, nuclear proliferation, and creative food. This is the Aspic Aquarium. That has got to be among the most disgusting globs ever hurled from the depths of Satan’s stomach! I mean, there’s a special oven in hell for disgusting cholestoral-laced “creative food” from the 1950s-60s, but this one is just... wow.

Oh, and I’ll be at the midnight HEDWIG shadow-cast at the Nuart on Friday. More details at Rainbow Carnage’s Website.

And while I’m posting links, go check out, which is Donat’s new website about paper/pencil role-playing. It’s quite interesting!
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Home for the Holidays

I’ve had a mostly lovely holiday! I’ve especially enjoyed seeing my friends and the insanity of our gift-exchange! Christine got me Tom Stoppard’s Hapgood, which I’m reading and getting confused by already! Despite horrid delays from Amazon, everything for that set of friends arrived in time. However, several other goodies for Nade friends did not make it in time for the end of classes. Grr.

New Year’s Eve at the Sherbons’ was FANTASTIC. Christine and Donat brought a gingerbread house kit, which we decorated. Actually, most of the decorations were done by Donat and me, and a beautiful house it turned out to be. We did all but one side of the house and half the roof. We left the house at the Sherbies’ because we’re wicked.

The kit also came with two large gingerbread men. I came up with the brilliant plan to make one of them a good Paladin and the other one an Evil Blackguard. We gave the Paladin golden eyes, a gold-wrapped chocolate coin as a shield, and a peppermint stick spear topped with a pointy gumdrop. We planned to give the Blackguard red eyes and other evil accessories, but didn’t get around to it because we got distracted by Jessica’s shiny new Wii. I took these 2 home with me. I ate the undecorated Blackguard (I had to imagine the evil) while watching Ryan and Nicole in the Rose Parade, and intend to have the Paladin with some hot cocoa while watching The Plaisers with my mum after I finish this post.

The graphics on the Wii are beautiful (Jessica showed us “Twilight Princess”) and the controller quite cool, but I’m not much of a video gamer. However, I did play some bowling on it, and was pretty darn good at it. :)

Oh yeah, I’ve been a bit ill this break (hence it was “mostly lovely”) but I’m okay at the moment. I sprained my ankle on the first day of freedom, because I’m talented like that. And I had a bit of a stomach problem yesterday, possibly due to meds, fish, or a mild bug going around. Who knows. But it was pretty much the only unpleasent part of my vacation.

Now I’ve got the rest of my hw to finish before Monday. :( But I’m seeing my friends again tomorrow, and I think there’s TAMALES involved. WOOT!

Also, it is settled: My mum and I are going to New York in July! Squeee! Broadway! :D
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More than a Woman or a Man

It came! Downstairs there is a hot pink acting edition of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I'm writing a paper for Poole's class comparing Jeffrey Eugenides' novel Middlesex with Hedwig. It's about Plato's Symposium, the experience of "the immigrant", and assimilating a gender. Working title is "More than a Woman or a Man."

Which made me all warm and fuzzy nerd-happy that I get to write about Hedwig in a critical literary analysis and that Poole won't look down on musical theatre (a rock musical at that!) as an inferior form of writing.

But said acting edition is downstairs until the end of tonight, when I turn in TEH UC APP OF DOOM. The Cal State app was super easy and with no essay. So once I turn in that UC monster, all I have to worry about are the private schools: Pitzer, Scripps, and Occidental. Used to have Reed on that list too, but I'm worried about the distance + my health, so I dropped that. Redlands used to be an option, but it's just so small... the thing I like about the Claremonts is there's the small college community but all the resources together come to about that of a big school like a UC.

My very own Hedwig awaits me... I think I shall put it on my plays shelf between Noel Coward and Tom Stoppard. Seems fitting.
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News from the Waterfront

Second weekend, here we come! First one wasn't too bad; hoping this one will be even better. I'm looking forward to closing ceremonies, when all the stress of tech coordination will be over and done with. Come and see us, it starts at 7:00, as usual.

So, I've been Botox'd today, for my shoulder/neck. IT HURT! :( But hopefully it'll help.

Oh, and the other news that will astonish the Club Nade people: GWALTNEY AND POOLE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! Shocking!
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Tangee Lipstick

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. I’ve just been ridiculously busy.

But I must update with this bit of news: I have TANGEE LIPSTICK. Tangee lipstick was invented in the 1950s and claims to look different on every woman. So Rachel and I ordered it from the Vermont Country Store, who are fine purveyors of all kinds of oddities, from soap to maple syrup to typewriters to boar bristle shaving cream brushes.

It is orange in the tube. It goes on clearish and then the magic happens... At first it was sort of orangey-pink on me, then very pink. It would not go away! It faded a bit over the course of the day, but by the end of my final class, it still looked like I had sucked on a pink magic marker!

Also: Discworld Cake!
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Private Lives

AMANDA: I think very few people are completely normal really, deep down in their private lives. It all depends on a combination of circumstances. If all the various cosmic thingummys fuse at the same moment, and the right spark is struck, there's no knowing what one mightn't do. That was the trouble with Elyot and me, we were like two violent acids bubbling about in a nasty little matrimonial bottle.

-Noel Coward
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(no subject)


1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

Well the closest book in my room is Travesties by Tom Stoppard, but it doesn't have a page 123. So we'll go with the book under it, which is Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold:

"There is entirely too much physical evidence in that room, not to mention witnesses as to who went in and when, to attempt to monkey with the scenario. Personally, I should prefer for Bothari not to have been there at all. The fact that he is clearly non compos mentis will carry no weight with the prince when he gets wind of this."
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This is not a pipe.

I went into my bathroom to discover that a small picture of the painting "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" taped to the mirror. I went downstairs.

Me: Why is Magritte in my bathroom?!

Mom: I dunno, I just wanted to make your bathroom a little more surreal. Did it work?
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