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Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war!

To complete the Ides of March subject, I use the appropriate (or not) icon and relate this tale:

Concert Band plotted to assassinate Mr. Smith yesterday, in full Julias Caeser style. I played the soothsayer and warned him. Andy (Cassius) informed me later that night that the conspirators chickened out. Oh well.

We spent lunch reciting Shakespeare.

Today was Founders' Day + Gallopthru. Shaw and Ren's final argument in the chapel is FAR more amusing as a lightsaber duel.

Random note: I’m running applications for next year’s Assistant Tech Coordinator.

And as I was tagged by my sister dear:

Things that I dislike:
2. No longer being friends with Jessica B.
3. Paula and Sean’s tastes in musicals.
4. Sleep deprevation. This is clinically defined as not getting at least 7 hours of good rest on a regular basis.
5. That I missed the deadline for the Young Playwrights competition (yesterday). I currently have 5 pages of that play typed, some disjointed scraps of dialogue from later scenes, and several pages of notes.
6. This isn’t so much something I dislike, per say, but I do think it terribly sad that there are good books in the Chaminade library that have never been checked out, or were last checked out 35 or more years ago. No-one uses the library anymore.
7. Yipes-stripes. I’m too young and carefree stressed out to have wrinkles!

Things that I enjoy:
1. My family’s conversations at dinner.
2. Mix CDs. Recieving them and making them.
3. Tom Stoppard plays. I have this strange desire to write an essay called “Thinking and Feeling: Scholars and Poets in Arcadia and The Invention of Love.” I might, someday.
4. The Chaminade Players, Stage Crew and the Drama Wall. ”Box Office is O-KAY!” *hearts Niki*
5. Classic table-top D&D. I love my party. Shout out: happy birthday, Donat!
6. Thrift stores. I want to go shopping.
7. Obscure musicals.

Random People Upon Whom I lay an Imperative to Answer
1. chiyo_no_hikri
2. humancyclopedia
3. megalomaniageek
4. magicaltrevor16
5. london_cutie05
6. chewnami (JonChew, where are you??)
7. astaraelweeper
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